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Margin Makers: Echo Spot

The Spot is a scaled-down version of Amazon’s Echo Show, also featuring a screen that displays videos, weather reports, to-do lists and calendars. It...


Low and Slow

This was originally published in TWICE’s September 25 print issue. L’ Shana Tovah. I’m writing this on Rosh Hashana, the first day of the...


Margin Makers: Fitbit Iconic

The company’s first smart watch employs Fitbit’s new proprietary OS and App Gallery app store, enabling consumers to download apps to the watch without...


Margin Makers: Coros Wearables Omni

The Omni hybrid smart cycling helmet employs openear bone-conduction technology on the straps, providing music, communication and data in a safe manner by sending...


Another One Takes The Hit …

Continuing an escalating if unnerving trend this year, Toys“R”Us, No. 21 on TWICE’s Top 100 CE Retailers Report, has joined the growing list of...

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