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iHome Securing The Smart Home With Its New Sensors & Plugs

SDI Technologies will soon begin shipping a series of smart sensors under its iHome brand, as well as a new smart plug for use with multiple connected ecosystems.

Four models make up the new offering, all of which can interoperate with the company’s other smart-home products. These will all be available in mid-October.

The iSB01 is a Wi-Fi battery-powered motion sensor that will send users smartphone notifications when movement is detected in the house. Its wire-free construction allows for discreet placement, said SDI, and it has a dual color LED status indicator and operates using three AA batteries. The packaging also includes two adhesive strips for wall mounting. Suggested retail is $29.99.

iHome’s iSB01 Wi-Fi battery-powered motion sensor

The iSB02 is a Wi-Fi battery-powered dual leak sensor that monitors a home or business for water leaks. Features include instant alerts, one-button setup, a dual color LED status indicator, IPX4-rated water resistance and a loud buzzer notification. A leak probe on the bottom of the sensor and on a 6-foot-long sensor probe enables flexible placement, making it ideal for spots under sinks, between washers or toilets, or next to water heaters. Suggested retail is $29.99.

The iSB04, also battery powered and Wi-Fi-compatible, is a door and window sensor. Homeowners can monitor entry points and receive notifications when movement is detected, and no hub is required. It is engineered for mounting on a variety of doors and windows, and mounting strips are included. As with the others in the iHome line, the iSB04 features a dual color LED status indicator. Two AA batteries are used for operation. Suggested retail is $29.99.

Last, but certainly not least, the iSP100 Outdoor Apple HomeKit Wi-Fi smart plug is engineered to easily control and schedule outdoor lighting, decorations and small appliances, among other devices, up to 1,800 watts. The iSP100 rugged, water-resistant outdoor construction works with covered GFI-enabled outdoor 120-volt power supply, according to the company. In addition to HomeKit, the plug can work with the following ecosystems: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink, Nest and SmartThings, with voice control available via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Suggested retail is $29.99.

iHome’s iSB04 battery-powered door and window sensor