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Collaboration Is Key With IoT

For many years, members of this industry have been wary about sharing  their intellectual property with others. They believed doing so would jeopardize their...


What’s In A Name

I have spoken to many tech founders recently and have noticed a trend worth talking about for a moment. The discussion generally happens as...


Talk To The Tablet

Let me set the scene: Philadelphia airport, F concourse, Friday afternoon and I am heading home after a long week of training. I had...


GetGeeked San Francisco

Last week I attended GetGeeked here in San Francisco. If you’re not familiar, GetGeeked is like a consumer tech meet-up with drinks and food....


Pomp And Circumspection

So here’s my question: When is your son or daughter old enough for a cellphone? In the town I live in in New Jersey,...


Dealing With Disruption

The widespread impact from the labor dispute at West Coast ports earlier this year is still rippling through the U.S. economy, with many companies...


The Case for Live Training

Let me start by saying that I completely understand the need for computer-based and virtual training in today’s retail environment. Shrinking margins and decreased...


The Best And Worst Of Times For Dealers

It’s a classic glass-half-full, glass-half-empty scenario for CE retail. As TWICE’s annual Top 100 CE Retailers Report shows, the largest merchants selling consumer-tech goods...


Ring A Ding Ding

Ring A Ding Ding was the title of a 1961 album by Frank Sinatra, and it came to mind when I sat down to...


PNDs: Still Room In The Glove Box

Back in October 2009, when Verizon unveiled its first Motorola-made Droid-brand Android phone, Google shocked the navigation world by incorporating free Google turn-by-turn driving...


Watch List: Linkitz

The Watch List is an ongoing series that focuses on CE start-ups reaching out to consumers via crowdfunding and other non-traditional methods.   Linkitz...


Google Fi: A Retail Opportunity?

If Google is serious about building a large subscriber base for its low-price Fi MVNO service, the technology giant will consider expanding distribution through...


CE Antiques Roadshow

No, I am not referring to certain members of the TWICE staff. I’m referring to the treasure trove of CE-industry artifacts that have accumulated...

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