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Are Curved TVs Just A Gimmick?

John Sciacca is one of the principals of Custom Theater and Audio in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and a frequent contributor to TWICE sister publication...


A Transformative Emmy Awards

Over the last decade or so, the line between the technology world and the entertainment world has been blurring. Even CES has morphed into...


Hold Your Horses, Jane Jetson

Word this morning of an AllJoyn-based common platform that could connect smart household appliances regardless of brand is welcome news for an industry that’s...


The Importance of Being (At) IFA

Each year, the global consumer electronics glitterati gather in a gleaming and exciting post-war playground for a must-attend/must-be-seen-at convention. If my clumsy literary vagueness...


How Target Got Its E-tail Groove On

When Target released its Q2 2015 earnings report, shareholders were pleasantly surprised. The retailer surpassed Wall Street expectations and its own high-end forecast. The second...


Windows 10 More Of A Six

Apologies in advance to my new friends at Microsoft, Intel, HP, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo, but Win10 has won mixed reviews at the Wolf...


Death Of The Salesman?

With the explosion of online retail giants like, the new digital economy has turned traditional consumer buying behavior upside down, making your everyday...


Music Industry Grooving On Vinyl

The unexpected revival of vinyl record sales is having a residual effect on the healthiness of local, independent record stores, and a music industry...


IoT’s Missing Link

There were thousands of new products and innovations introduced at this year’s CES – many within the connected-life segment of the Internet of Things...

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