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Some Staggering Statistics About Our Technology World

While CES Asia was light on news and heavy on schmooze, many of the keynoters and speakers shared proprietary data on the staggering size of the Chinese market, the state of worldwide technology, social media use and other salient subjects. Here are some numbers presented at the show that caught my interest:

1.39 billion: Chinese consumers

90+: Chinese cities with populations exceeding 1 million

649 million: Web users in China

$4.28 trillion: Annual retail sales in China

$300 billion: Annual online sales in China

700 million+: Smart devices owned in China

$268 billion: Consumer electronics sales in China in 2014

$281 billion: Expected consumer electronics sales in China in 2015, surpassing CE sales in the U.S. for the first time

$1.02 trillion: Global consumer technology spending on devices in 2014

1.4 trillion: Projected CE unit sales in the Asia Pacific market in 2016

68%: Projected share of the world’s middle class by China in 2030

20.2 million: Chinese citizens who traveled to another country as a tourist in 2003

98.2 million: Chinese citizens who will travel to another country as a tourist in 2015

13.9%: Growth in auto sales in China in 2014, now the world’s largest car market

$3.87 trillion: Value of China exports and imports in 2013, surpassing the U.S. ($3.82 trillion) for the first time

$9.2 trillion: Gross domestic product of China in 2013, three times that of Japan

$6,807: China GDP per capita in 2013, an all-time high, up from $1,490 in 2004

18.65 billion: Glasses of red wine consumed in China in 2014, making China the largest red wine consumer in the world

13x: Factor by which online video content will grow in the next four years

50 billion: Expected number of smart devices worldwide in 2020

302 million: Active Twitter users worldwide

50%: Share of Twitter users from Asia

500+ million: Unique Twitter visitors worldwide

554 million: Average number of Tweets about technology each month

66 million: Average number of Tweets about food each month

24.8 million: Average number of Tweets about sleep each month

46%: Growth of Twitter accounts among Fortune 500 CEOs

90%: Volume of data created by Internet of Things (IoT) devices that is never captured, analyzed or acted upon

60%: Amount of that data that loses its value within milliseconds of being generated

$1.3 trillion: Worldwide IoT market in 2013

$3.0 trillion: Expected worldwide IoT market in 2020

25 quintillion: Bytes of data generated per day by IoT devices

500+ million: Number of previously secure digital records breached in 2013, a 40 percent increase from the previous year

$3 billion: Amount invested by IBM to launch its new IoT business unit

250+: Exhibiting companies at the inaugural CES Asia

25,000: Registrants for CES Asia

55%: Share of CES Asia registrants from China

18%: Share of CES Asia registrants from other Asian countries

27%: Share of CES Asia registrants from other parts of the world

20,000: Gross square meters of exhibition space at CES Asia, which exceeds the space of the inaugural Consumer Electronics Show in New York in 1967

Sources: Audi, Consumer Electronics Association, IBM, Intel, Twitter