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The 5 Forces Of Audio Disruption

Wireless has been disrupting the audio marketplace by providing consumers with incredible access to products that improve the home theater experience and promote high-quality...


Behold The Retail Renaissance

The following column was filed prior to Hurricane Irma. TWICE wishes all Florida retailers and residents a speedy recovery. Recent news has highlighted a...


Scientific Pricing Made Easy

This is the second in an ongoing series for TWICE highlighting the latest technologies that will help online and offline retailers engage customers, empower...


Defining Premium For A New Era

For tech retailers and manufacturers, “premium” is best defined as the promise or expectation of an experience being somehow better than the typical experience...


2017: Are We There Yet?

Are we already almost at the halfway point of 2017?  Maybe it’s just me, but it feels more like six minutes than six months....


Free Mints At Checkout

In the early 2000s, some U.S. psychologists wanted to see if preemptive reward, in the form of free mints at a restaurant, would lead...


The End Of The Smartphone Era?

Since launching with Sony’s Walkman in the early 1980s, the global personal electronics market has grown to reach $540 billion in retail value in...


RadioShack: A Post Mortem

The following analysis was posted after RadioShack’s first bankruptcy in 2015. Given the developments of the last two weeks, we think it’s worth revisiting....


VR Goes To The Head Of The Class

EdTech offers boundless opportunities for retailers, distributors and educators Educators are constantly looking for new ways to engage their students. Virtual reality is a...


We Are Fighting Like Hell!

The following is reposted with permission from Sears Holdings’ SHC Speaks blog page. The past year will be remembered as one of the most...

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