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You Break It? No Problem. Fuhu Answers Parents’ Wishes

Because I cover CE toys, I’m often asked what I think is the best tablet for a child. The scenario typically goes something like this: Parent wants a new “kid-only” tablet, either because a long trip is planned, or because the grandparents want to buy one as a birthday gift and don’t know what to get, or because the adults are simply sick of sharing their iPad with the kids.

Which then begs the question: Should I get a “toy” tablet like the VTech InnoTab or LeapFrog LeapPad; a “real” tablet like the iPad or Kindle Fire; or something in between, such as the Nabi or the Kurio. All three categories bring advantages and disadvantages. Even with parental controls, it’s hard to argue against the security a toy tablet brings when games are limited to cartridges or strictly curated apps. I’ll admit I was unprepared when my six-year-old asked, “What’s a sex offender registry?” thanks to a banner ad that appeared while playing “Subway Surf.” 

On the other hand, it’s even harder to argue against free apps. Why spend upward of $25 on a game when you know how quickly kids tire of them?

And, of course, all of this is bolstered by the fear of the device being completely destroyed, consquently requiring you to up your spending for a protective case.

Fuhu, maker of the Nabi Android tablet, has come up with a solution I think will not only sway some fence sitters into the in-between category, but also will pave a new way for all kids tablets. The company will now offer a subscription plan that provides access to its media offerings and a device.   

The subscription includes use of the 7-inch Nabi 2S. Should the hardware break during the year, Fuhu promises to ship a new one. The pricing is affordable, with a two-year plan at $9.99 and a one-year plan $14.99. If you want to buy the tablet at the end of your subscription, two-year subscribers can do so for $1, while one-year subs can for $20.