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10 Surprising Things We Learned From Our Father’s Day Survey

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, power tools, neckties and whiskey are bound to be high on most dads’ wish lists. Or are they?

A recent survey by DealNews proves that dads don’t always want what conventional wisdom would lead you to believe.

1.Dads Don’t Actually Want Ties or Tools

Contrary to what some stores may tell you, dads don’t want neckties or power tools on Father’s Day. In fact, most dads we

polled rated gift cards and phone calls higher than power tools and neckties, the latter of which came dead last in our list of most-desired dad gifts. (In fact, only two dads, out of the 2,634 surveyed, said they’d like to receive a tie.)

2.Most Dads Secretly Want Electronics

Instead, what dads really want are gadgets and electronics, which was the most desired gift in our Father’s Day poll by a landslide. A little over one fifth of all respondents, or 21 percent, want electronics.

Unfortunately, only 5 percent of dads actually received CE last year.

Bottom line: If you’re going to give your dad a gift this Father’s Day, make it a gadget or electronic device you think he’ll enjoy.

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Louis Ramirez is senior features writer for DealNews, an online aggregator of retail discounts.