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The Best Tweets Dissing Amazon’s PrimeDay

To say today’s much-hyped ZOMG!-better-than-Black-Friday Amazon PrimeDay event was disappointing to Prime Members may be an understatement, at least if the Twitter world is to be believed. Here are just a few of today’s Tweets that made us chuckle.

Brannan Geshwind ‏@cvBeardedBandit: Man, #PrimeDay is more disappointing than my own choices in my senior year of high school.

@Mark_in_Mi: #PrimeDay might be the most over-hyped/disappointing event since Pacquiao vs Mayweather

Jay D’Lugin ‏@jaydlugin: I’m still holding out for @Amazon employees to put all their soy sauce and mustard packets from their desk drawers in #PrimeDay

Matthew Gellert ‏@MatthewGellert: So basically, I can have disappointment shipped for free. #PrimeDay

Cleveland Chick ‏@ClevelandChick: #PrimeDay? More like clean out the warehouse day.

Dera Luce ‏@DeraLuce: PrimeDay is like when grandma says “help yourself to the candy jar!” but it has nothing but raisins and sugar-free salt water taffy

Sunny Pruthi ‏@DrinkTheSunnyD: When I die I want whoever’s responsible for #PrimeDay to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.

Doug Davis ‏@DJD: .@Amazon‘s algorithms are so advanced, I’ve been offered over 10,000 #PrimeDay deals and am not interested any of them.

Chris @FriendlyPharmD: Not sure if #PrimeDay is a joke or I’m just not into tupperware. #HappyPrimeDay

AK Stout ‏@akstout18: My Christmas this yr be like, “And u get a tupperware container, & u get a tupperware container, & u get a tupperware container!” #PrimeDay

The Gamer’s Dome ‏@TheGamersDome: Congrats @Amazon – you win the “Biggest Internet Troll of 2015” award.  In other news, I’m good on Tupperware now. #PrimeDay #PrimeBust

Brad Williams ‏@FuriousBrad: So what I’m getting out of this is that #PrimeDay is some sort of postmodern experiment to see if disappointment can be quantified.

Kelli ‏@ksnedegar: My favorite thing about #PrimeDay is looking at what people are buying. There’s a wait list for an electronic pencil sharpener. In 2015.

Kyle Davis ‏@KyleDavis777: #PrimeDay is basically the weird guy at the end of the street having a yard sale. All the random stuff no single person should own.

Mia Taylor ‏@MiaTaylor: Now whenever something in my life goes wrong or I have a bad day, I’ll say I had a #primeday.

Connor Woods ‏@wonnor_coods: #PrimeDay is not Black Friday in July. It is April Fools in July. @amazon