Pioneer: Why We Need CarPlay, Android Auto


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will make the roads safer, Pioneer contends in releasing the results of a survey of more than 2,000 consumers about their in-car smartphone use.

Pioneer enlisted the Harris Poll people to find out that:

  • 44 percent of drivers who own a smartphone admit they text while driving. 
  • Less than 10 percent of drivers use voice to text while driving
  • One in every five Americans holds a smartphone in their hand to make calls while driving 
  • And 86 percent said they’ve witnessed another driver texting behind the wheel

So how will Android Auto and CarPlay change these numbers? With their voice recognition and hands-free text messaging, Pioneer contends.

To cut down on distracted driving, Pioneer and Kenwood offer aftermarket head units that combine Android Auto and CarPlay, and Alpine offers an aftermarket CarPlay model. Automakers such as Chevrolet and Buick have also committed to offering 2016 vehicles with CarPlay or with combined CarPlay and Android Auto.

If the technologies spread, we could find out in a few years if they’ll reduce accidents and near misses.


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