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White Glove, Last Mile Delivery for Retailers? Now There’s An App for That!

Surprise! A furniture store customer can’t fit that beautiful new table into her Mini Cooper.

The home improvement store customer has space in his SUV to bring home a new grille, but his bad back prevents him from lifting it.

Yes, it’s the age-old problem of getting customer purchases to their home or office unblemishedyesterday! If you’re the CEO, store manager or retail chain operations or logistics chief, you probably lose sleep over home delivery issues and how to make everyone happy. To quote an article from Retail Systems Research (RSR), “The burden is on retailers to figure out how to meet consumers’ near-unrealistic expectations.” This is especially true today for so-called ‘last mile delivery,’ the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination, typically a personal residence or office.

“Now retailers who need same day, last mile delivery have no need to panic,” says moving industry veteran Jean Brillant (pronounced bree-yon) who has created an app for that – ( “Our app solves both the ‘pain of retailers’ and the ‘pain of customers’ at the same time.” Once a retailer joins the network, the Brilliant Move app goes into action as follows:

  1. Customer buys an item in-store or online.
  2. Customer uses app to place delivery order from a smartphone or website.
  3. Customer chooses convenient day/time – even same day may be possible.
  4. Delivery is made on schedule by a member of Brilliant Move’s White Glove delivery network.5.
  5. Customer pays, adds tips (if desired), and rates the service providing instant feedback.                                                                                                                                              Jean Brillant says, “We’re already proving ourselves with such well-known retailers as HomeGoods, Big Lots, and Boston Interiors, to name a few. We’re addressing lots of issues at once: assisting delivery/logistics teams with time management, reducing inventory, transforming stores into fulfillment centers, real-time tracking, saving jobs, cutting complaint calls, instant feedback, saving time, and creating happy repeat customers.”

He adds, “In the age of eCommerce, consumers feel more empowered than ever and often their expectations are a challenge. With our app, we can (1) reduce last mile delivery costs through delivery team efficiencies; (2) eliminate surprises by making the tracking transparent for all parties; and (3) handle customer inquiries on delivery status and ensure that delivery instructions are followed.”

With the app, in-store visits become more enticing when customers know that home delivery can be as pain-free as online shopping. Brilliant says, “This is a 21


century way to differentiate your retail brand. Our app helps retailers to exceed customers’ expectations, which helps to solidify their loyalty, boost buzz, and build the brand and the bottom line.” For more information, contact Jean Brillant  /

[email protected]

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