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hhgregg Spoofs Late-Night CD Compilations In Punny Ode To Appliances

Amid cutbacks to its media spend, hhgregg has taken to cyberspace to promote appliances in a witty parody of late-night song compilations.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the retailer has released a three-minute YouTube video of “Appliance Love Songs Vol. 3” featuring white-goods renditions of classic tunes. Our favorites:

*Under Pressure (Cooker)

*Keep Your Pans To Yourself

*Sympathy For The Dirt Devil

*Somebody’s Washing Me

*Tempted (By Fondu Of Another)

*Paradise By The Microwave Light

*The Way You Cook Tonight

*Let’s Spin (Cycle) The Night Together

*Samsung Blue

*50 Ways To Clean Your Oven

And let’s not forget the artists behind them:

*Bruce Hornsby and the Gas Range

*Stove Miller Band

*Frigid-aire Supply

*Stainless Steely Dan


*Dryer Straits

*Bon Stovi

*Twisted Mixer

*Sam Cooktop

*Vanilla Ice Maker

*The Oven Spoonful

*Icebox Twenty

*Defrost Mode

*Speed Queen Latifah

*Midnight Broil

*ZZ Top Load

Viewers who order the fake compilation within the next 15 minutes will also receive the bonus album “Grills Gone Wild,” the announcer advises, featuring the timeless classic “Stormy Weber.”

The video is cross-linked to a dedicated page on hhgregg’s website, and customers are encouraged to share the love via Twitter for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

“Sometimes it’s hard making appliances exciting and engaging,” hhgregg digital marketing manager Andrew Vitale told MarketingDaily. The approach, he said, provides a way to tie into social, differentiate the company in the marketplace, and make appliances fun.

Whether the parody will elicit sales or groans remains to be seen, but either way we give Vitale and hhgregg major appliance props for the effort.

Judge for yourself, below: