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Zzzzzzz: Braci Wearables App Aims To Stop Snoring

New York — Braci, a start-up marketing a platform that detects sounds and delivers notifications to Android Wear devices, has launched its first app, the Snoring Detector.

The app uses sound-detection algorithms to identify when someone is snoring, then sends a signal to a wearable device and alerts the person using vibrations to change position and stop snoring. The more someone snores, the stronger the vibration. Once the snorer’s position changes, the vibration on the wearable device automatically stops.

The user can set the sensitivity of the snore detector and the number of alerts, as well as how many snores are needed before a notification is sent to the sleeper. Once the user wakes, a history of all detected snores can be viewed.

Braci has created a digital fingerprint for a range of sounds and has a provisional U.S. patent and a pending patent in the U.K.. The fingerprints allow the Braci platform to detect sounds and convert them into easily understood notifications.

There are a number of other apps being developed beyond the Snoring Detector, and the company is planning the launch of other alerting apps that focus on such common sounds as alarms, emergency vehicles and more. One of its key markets is focusing on people who are hearing impaired and have trouble picking up common sounds and alerts.

Braci is part of the YN1K Network, which focuses on the top percentile of entrepreneurs and ideas selected from a global network of more than 77,000 start-ups coming through more than 420 start-up competitions worldwide sponsored by YouNoodle.
Braci has released this video to demonstrate how the app works: