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Qualcomm’s Clear Sight Wants To Be The Human Eye Of Smartphone Images

The iPhone 7 Plus and LG V20 both captured headlines for their dual cameras last week, and Qualcomm wants to make it easier for other smartphone manufacturers to follow suit.

Qualcomm announced this morning it has developed a dual-camera module that can mimic the human eye and improve shooting in low-light environments. 

Clear Sight is designed to mimic the cones and rods of the human eye to improve image contrast and brightness and to reduce noise. The module features two cameras, each containing a lens and image sensor: One camera has a color sensor (cones), while the other has a black-and-white sensor to absorb up to three times more light (rods). This makes it especially helpful for capturing images in low-light situations, said the company.

Clear Sight is supported by the company’s Snapdragon 820 and 821 processors, enabling it to be built into latest-generation mobile devices. Snapdragon uses Qualcomm’s Spectra image signal processor to merge and process data simultaneously from both cameras to produce a single image.