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LG Appliances Speak Plainly With Google Assistant

LG owners can now use plain talk when bossing around their smart appliances.

LG owners can now use plain talk when bossing around their smart appliances.

The company’s entire smart appliance line has received an over-the-air (OTA) update that makes it easier to voice their wishes when issuing orders.

Specifically, the update removes the instruction “Talk to LG” after activating Google Assistant, which, along with Alexa, is accessible by all 2018 smart LG appliances through the company’s own ThinQ AI platform.

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The simplified command structure now allows owners to bark out their directive immediately after waking the virtual assistant, without first telling it to connect to LG. For example, “OK Google, set the refrigerator temperature to 35 degrees.”

According to an LG spokesperson, the abridged commands make the consumer experience more seamless, and increase connectivity and ease of use.

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LG has also built Google Assistant into its 2018 4K TV, smart speaker and soundbar lines.

In other LG news, the company announced that its high-performance PuriCare dehumidifiers, a TWICE Picks Award winner, are the first to be certified under a new voluntary sustainability standard issued by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

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“Environmental sustainability has become as important to our customers as it has been to our company for a long time,” said senior VP Thomas Yoon, who heads home appliances for LG Electronics USA. “LG is proud to be first in the industry with dehums verified to the new sustainability standard.”

The models, the 55- and 70-pint UD551GKG3 and UD701KOG3, are the first in the world to pass muster under AHAM’s holistic 7008-2018 Sustainability Standard For Household Dehumidifiers, which considers material usage, manufacturing and operations, and end-of-life in addition to energy consumption when weighing the products’ environmental impact.

The LG models will bear their compliance with certification and sustainability marks from the not-for-profit CSA Group, which helped draft the new standards.