Modest 2012 PC Growth Expcted: IDC

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Framingham, Mass. - IDC expects PC shipments to be stronger in the second half of 2012 due to the launch of Windows 8, but overall tablets sales will hold PC shipment growth to 5 percent.

IDC noted the main growth areas for PCs will be in emerging markets. In mature markets desktops will see flat to declining growth through 2016 with laptops continuing to grow at a steady pace during that period.

The research firm was bearish on the first half of 2012 stating only modest growth is expected.

The company noted that the PC market had a tough 2011 with worldwide growth of just 1.8 percent. This was due to continued worldwide economic difficulties and growing tablet sales, said IDC.

."Many consumers are holding off making PC purchases at the moment because tablet devices like Apple's iPad are proving to be a powerful distraction," according to Bob O'Donnell, clients and displays VP at IDC.

However, O'Donnell added that IDC's surveys indicate consumer do not see a tablet as a PC replacement so consumer interest could rebound with the introduction of Windows 8, which is rumored to be released in the fall.


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