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Lexar Adds 640MB CF Card to Pro Line

Fremont, Calif. – Lexar Media announced today the addition of a 640MB capacity CompactFlash card to its new line of 16X speed Professional Series digital memory cards.

The card will ship on December 1 with a suggested retail price of $900.

Designed for faster write speeds and increased storage capacity, Lexar’s Professional Series cards are aimed at higher end digital cameras, like the Nikon D1X and Canon 1D. Professional Series CompactFlash cards are available in capacities of 192, 256, 320, 512 and now 640MB.

The 16X speed 640MB cards are capable of a minimum sustained write speed of 2.4MB per second, reducing the time it takes for digital cameras to read and write high-resolution image files. Lexar Media has been vigorously promoting its ‘X’ speed rating for solid state storage for digital photography (where 1X equals 150kb per second as used by other digital storage devices such as CD ROMs) as a means to differentiate itself in the competitive flash memory market.