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INSPIRE, PATCH & EXPLORE: This Holiday, Maximize Your Creativity with Titles from Bjooks

Copenhagen, December 9, 2022 – For gifting this holiday season, consider helping someone in your life take the next step in musical creativity with two of the latest titles from Bjooks: INSPIRE THE MUSIC – 50 YEARS OF ROLAND HISTORY and PATCH & TWEAK with KORG. ​ ​ Both of these hardcover books are inspiring to behold: rich with illustrations, photography, interviews, product descriptions and more. Whether you are a music afficionado, a budding synthesist or just want to learn more about the building blocks of electronic music creation, Bjooks are bound to be among the favorite gifts this year for the creative person in your life.

Building on its highly successful titles PATCH & TWEAKPUSH TURN MOVEPEDAL CRUSHPATCH & TWEAK with Moog, and SYNTH GEMS 1, INSPIRE THE MUSIC and PATCH & TWEAK with KORG uncover new dimensions of musical creativity through the lens of the instruments, the ideas, the artists and of course the music.


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Since its beginnings in 1972, Roland has become one of the most influential music brands in modern history. Its synthesizers and music machines have inspired stories, legends, and outright myths. Find out how iconic instruments like the JUPITER-8, TR-808 and Space Echo came to be and how they inspired musicians around the world to create culture-defining music for present and future generations.

With 400 photo-packed pages, INSPIRE THE MUSIC features 90+ interviews and stories covering the work of world-famous recording artists, producers and music makers. Learn about the tools that made musical dreams a reality: rhythm boxes that played what you told them to, guitars that could make any sound imaginable, grand pianos that didn’t need strings and drum kits you could carry in one hand.


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​Meantime, PATCH & TWEAK with KORG is for either the novice or more experienced musician, taking an in-depth look at this groundbreaking brand’s diverse collection of patchable synthesizers – the MS-20 mini, ARP 2600 M, volca modular, and more. Its 216 colorful pages is packed with patching tips for both novice and experienced synthesists.

PATCH & TWEAK with KORG’s 25+ interviews, detailed instrument overviews, photo tours and patch examples will keep synth fans and users thoroughly entertained. Explore the principles of semi-modular synthesis, and supercharge your creativity with dozens of tips, techniques, and patches. Synth novices, experienced professionals, Korg enthusiasts, and ARP lovers alike will find this book an essential resource.

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BJOOKS is the boutique publishing company started and run by author, designer, and musician Kim Bjørn. His first book, PUSH TURN MOVE, was published in 2017. This was followed by PATCH & TWEAK in 2018, which has since been referred to as the ‘Bible of Modular Synthesis;. “PEDAL CRUSH – Stompbox effects for creative music making” was released in 2019, followed by Patch & Tweak with Moog in 2020. Most recently, the titles Patch & Tweak with Korg and Inspire The Music: 50 Years of Roland History were both released in 2022. The mission of BJOOKS is to create even more exciting titles about music technology, artists, and makers to document, inspire and explore the world of music creation.