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Bluesound Adds Murfie and HDTracks to its Ever Expanding Network of Music Services

Pickering, Ontario, October 15, 2014 — Bluesound, the first wireless digital multi-room system to fully support highres
audio, announced two more notable names to its ever-expanding network of music services: Murfie and HDTracks.
The latest release for the Bluesound Controller App supports Murfie and HDTracks, giving music lovers the freedom to
stream a massive collection of lossless music and access high-definition downloads on their Bluesound wireless high-res
music system. The new BluOS version also includes support for local library playlists, folder browsing, and cross browsing
between local libraries and music services to make searching for a favorite track a whole lot easier.
Bluesound users can browse Murfie’s vinyl and CD inventory of 500,000 new and used albums and stream lossless music
directly to any Bluesound Player in your home. They can even access stored vinyl and CD rips on-the-fly from their
personal online Murfie collection with the Bluesound Controller App and listen to them house-wide on multiple Bluesound
Players simultaneously.
“In addition to Murfie, with this latest release, Bluesound owners can explore HDTracks and its premier online music store
to discover true high-res music.” commented John Banks, Bluesound, Chief Brand Officer. “They can simply get ondemand
access to the online music store and download high-quality recordings directly to the Bluesound VAULT without
using a computer. Plus stream all HDTracks downloads to any Bluesound Player in their home.”

Bluesound users are asked to upgrade all their Bluesound Players to BluOS firmware version 1.12.0 or higher starting
October 16, 2014 to enjoy these new music services and features. Combining advanced digital technologies and striking
design with radical new thinking, Bluesound products are destined to create an exciting audio revolution that will appeal to
a wide demographic audience.
BluOS 1.12.0 will be available October 16, 2014. Download the Bluesound Controller Apps and BluOS firmware updates
HiFi for a wireless generation.
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It just never went wireless.
Until Now.
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About Bluesound
An alliance of audiophiles. We are the designers, engineers and passionate music lovers who have spent our lives in the
music industry. Our founders pioneered HiFi in the 70s – innovation and the pursuit of perfection in audio runs deep in our
collective DNA. Bluesound’s sole mission is to create innovative wireless digital audio products and technologies that allow
for the most true-to-life music experience possible. It is the first wireless digital multi-room system to fully support High Res
Audio with an extraordinary audiophile-grade feature-set that all music lovers will appreciate.
Bluesound is not just another computer company. Bluesound is all about sound.
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