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Walmart Offers Discounts For Online Purchases Picked Up In Stores


will begin offering discounts on certain online-only items that customers purchase on and then pick up at any Walmart store.

The Pickup Discount program kicks off April 19 and will initially be available on about 10,000 items and gradually grow to more than one million of’s most popular items by the end of June.  

“We’re creating price transparency to empower customers to shop smarter and choose what’s best for them. Now, they can either pick up and save even more money, or ship two-day for free to home, without paying for a membership.” said Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce.

Lore explained that last mile delivery costs represent the lion’s share of the costs to ship products to customers’ homes. Walmart will leverage its fleet of more than 6,700 trucks to deliver products directly from fulfillment centers to its 4,700 stores, which costs much less. Walmart will pass along the savings to customers.

Lore added “We are doing a lot to enhance the pickup experience to make it even simpler and more convenient for customers. We’ve also been hard at work aggressively expanding our Online Grocery pickup service which is now in 600 stores with an additional 500 coming this year.”