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Geek Squad Goes Covert

Geek Squad, Best Buy’s computer support team, has added a new service to it’s repair menu: remote computer support. The service makes it possible for Geek Squad technicians to connect to customers’ computer remotely to fix a variety of problems, often eliminating the need for a home visit.

The program comes 11 months after rival Circuit City began providing online PC support services through a partnership with third-party provider PlumChoice. Circuit City continues to offer remote support under its new firedog service program.

All technicians supporting the new Geek Squad remote service are based in a central office located here.

Geek Squad says it can address a number of issues remotely, including repairing an operating system, removing a virus or spyware infection, or securing a private wireless network. Technicians stay on the phone with the customer throughout the procedure, explaining the problem’s causes and the steps to resolution.