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PowerHouse Alliance: Thriving Through Post-Traumatic Growth

"Throughout 2020, we have kept a pulse on market changes and trends by staying in constant communication with each other, our dealers, and our vendors."

Reflecting on 2020, I am extremely proud of the PowerHouse Alliance and the group’s combined ability to combat the negativity of the pandemic by continuing to listen, learn, strengthen, and grow. I recently read an article published by the Harvard Business Review that talked about Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). PTG has been defined as “the transformative positive change that can occur as a result of struggle with great adversity”. This resonated with me because it is exactly how our national consortium of 11 members across the country have responded to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Throughout 2020, we have kept a pulse on market changes and trends by staying in constant communication with each other, our dealers, and our vendors. As we navigate the unprecedented times, the PowerHouse Alliance distributor members continue to support dealers and integrators with safe access to all the products they need, when they need them, in order to complete jobs without interruption.

Dennis Holzer, executive director, PowerHouse Alliance

Despite the changing market conditions, the PowerHouse Alliance continues to grow with the expansion of its distribution locations across the country. We recently announced the addition of seven new warehouse locations – five locations are open now, and two are set to open in Q1 2021. Member Pioneer Music Company added a facility in Lenexa, Kansas, member ECD added a location in San Antonio, Texas, and member Mountain West just opened a location in Seattle, Washington. PowerHouse member Ui Supplies has a new corporate headquarters in Ramsey, New Jersey, and 21st Century Distributing recently added a new location in Nashville, Tennessee.

Consumer habits have changed this year in response to the pandemic. Movie and entertainment nights have moved to the family room, home theater, or backyard creating increased demand for home entertainment upgrades. More homeowners are working and learning from home and networks are being overloaded as more devices than ever before are running on a single system. This has caused a need for network system and hardware upgrades. In addition to our existing locations, the new fully stocked PowerHouse locations provide our dealers with even more convenient access to all the products they need to build a solid network foundation, custom home theater, or media room.

As we navigate the on and off statewide shutdowns, the PowerHouse Alliance distributor members have implemented additional safety and sanitary measures to keep dealers and employees safe. With online ordering, 24-hour will-call, and curbside pickup and purchasing methods, dealers have safe and immediate access to the products they need to successfully complete jobs. Additional safety measures including freight disinfectant and limiting traffic in warehouse spaces gives dealers peace of mind that they can safely access our inventory of over 250 brands.

The PowerHouse Alliance 11 distributor members continue to host online product trainings and webinars giving dealers the ability to stay updated on new products and trends in this ever-changing market, and all members are fully staffed for pre- and post-sale dealer support. Although the PowerHouse Alliance, along with the industry as a whole, is still learning how to adapt to the changes we have been faced with this year, we remain committed to helping dealers be successful.

Living through a pandemic and going through the motions of PTG have helped our group become stronger, smarter, and even more appreciative for our relationships with our dealers, vendors, and each other. We are grateful for our growth in 2020 and look forward to sharing more updates as we move into 2021.

Since joining the PowerHouse Alliance in 2009 as executive director, Dennis Holzer leads its 12 distributor members in dealer communication and industry outreach. He represents an overseeing eye of the residential and commercial AV, security, IT, home entertainment, and consumer electronics industries. With over 30 years of experience, Holzer has done everything from road warrior salesman, to spending over 15 years as president and owner of Hamburg Brothers, an independent wholesale electronics/white goods distributor.

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