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SpotCam Adds Live Zoom Feature

Taipei — SpotCam, a manufacturer of Cloud-based home-monitoring systems, said Thursday it has added a new Live Zoom feature to its SpotCam Wi-Fi camera.

The new feature lets users zoom in on a selected area of the live 720p HD video feed for better detail than offered in the full view.

The Live Zoom feature joins a list of functions in the camera, including motion masking, time-lapse capture and easy installation.

SpotCam said that to use Live Zoom, users can simply drag a zoom selection box to the area of the picture they would like to see in better detail.

The motion masking feature can be set to ignore different areas of the camera’s view, such as a window to the camera is only triggered by events in the selected monitoring area. The most meaningful motion-detection alerts are then sent to the user.

Setup is said to be easy, using a Cloud based approach combined with iOS and Android apps.

The SpotCam’s time-lapse feature can be used to make an assembly of videos from critical parts of the day to quickly review in the free 24-hour Cloud storage window.

Setting the time period and picture intervals lets users customize the time lapse. The feature can be used for quickly reviewing surveillance footage, creating video diaries, or artistic vignettes.

SpotCam is currently available on such e-tail sites as Newegg and Amazon at $149.

Cloud storage recording plans are as follows: 

• 24 hour recording – Free;

• three-day recording – $3.95/month or $39/year;

• seven-day recording – $5.95/month or $59/year; and

• 30-day recording – $19.95/month or $199/year.