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Built from SOL REPUBLIC’s commitment to improving people’s music experiences, the SOL REPUBLIC DECK ($199.99), announced in August 2013, is the first and only wireless speaker featuring 360° Full Sound, a 300-Foot Wireless Range (more than 10x the standard) and Heist Mode™, a unique feature that allows up to five friends to simultaneously pair up and take turns controlling the music. Music was meant to be shared and DECK is the first wireless speaker that enhances the shared music experience for everyone, without sacrificing amazing sound.   While most Bluetooth wireless speakers only allow you to connect one device at a time, Heist Mode technology lets up to five friends connect at once, allowing them to share their music and “heist” control of the speaker. A back-lit SOL REPUBLIC logo changes colors as control of the speaker shifts, helping to identify who is in control of the music. DECK produces full and clear sound, with an Outdoor volume boost option, making it ideal for tailgates, barbeques or just a day at the beach. Also, no longer must you leave your phone right next to your speaker to ensure great sound; a 300-foot wireless range frees the DJ to wander the party with ease.   No other wireless speaker on the market allows you to so seamlessly share and enjoy music with friends, fostering a truly social music experience. In a saturated market, DECK stands out by providing a unique and exclusive feature set and amazing sound for music lovers everywhere.