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SOL Republic Bows Higher-End Master Tracks XC Headphones

Berlin, Germany – Headphone maker SOL Republic has launched its priciest earphones yet, the Master Tracks XC, here at IFA yesterday afternoon.

Company co-founder Seth Combs, one of the masterminds behind Monster Beats headphones, also demonstrated the advanced attributes of the Deck Bluetooth 3.0 wireless speakers designed to be color-matched with the new Moto X, but don’t need to be used with the new smartphone from Motorola.

The Master Tracks XC ($249.99, October 1) was co-designed, or “tuned,” by U.K.-based record producer and DJ Calvin Harris, who Forbes named the highest paid DJ of 2013 and who recently set a new record with most Top 10 hits off a single studio album. Combs described the new over-the-ear phones as being designed to be “good enough so music producers would listen to them.”

Inside is SOL’s new X3 Sound Engine, which the company claims delivers deep bass that “stays amazingly tight” with smooth highs but as well as crisp sounding vocals. However, no listening samples were available.

Like all SOL Republic headphones, the Master Tracks XC are “virtually” indestructible, with twistable headbands made from a polymer the company calls FlexTech. And like all SOL Republic headphones, consumers will be able to purchase different colored accessory headbands ($30) and cables ($20) that fit all SOL headphone models.