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Samsung Puts Times Square In NX30 Picture

NEW YORK – A small mob of Samsung NX30- hungry photographers gathered in the promenade on Broadway and 42nd Street here earlier this month to participate in a rare mirrorless compact system camera trade-up promotion.

Although the legal disclaimers specified that only the first 250 people who showed up with an eligible working DSLR would be able to trade it in for a new top-of-the-line ($999 value) NX30, Samsung executives said they came prepared to serve an unspecified larger number of guests.

And it’s a good thing, as the long lines that started forming more than two-hours before the event’s noon kickoff, appeared to have already eclipsed the expectations of the legal department.

Ron Gazzola, Samsung’s camera division marketing VP, said that the advance publicity for the “experiential event” was limited to only a few outlets, mostly local New York City-area media concerns, but that was all it took.

He hopes that the good vibes and performance benefits enjoyed by the legion of new NX30 owners will translate into positive word of mouth testimonials, blog reviews and social media chatter in the days and months to come.

Gazzola said the promotion was undertaken to help build Samsung’s brand share in the burgeoning mirrorless compact system camera category by demonstrating the tremendous advances the South Korean electronics manufacturer has made in camera design, image quality and operation.

“This is all about getting people engaged, spreading the word about the compact system camera category and most specifically about the features and benefits of Samsung’s NX,” he said.

It’s also hoped that the effort eventually will help deepen the market share niche Samsung has carved out of the new interchangeable-lens camera segment.

“We were one of the fastest growing brands the last two years in the space, but I think our contribution is all about innovation and taking technology to the next level through better connectivity and continuing to give that great performance,” Gazzola added.

Gazzola said Samsung’s retail partners are well-stocked on the new NX30 to take advantage of the extra interest the promotion may generate.

“We’re spreading the word, getting folks out there and promoting the product line – that’s what it’s really all about,” Gazzola said.

During the activation event, consumers were given the opportunity to explore the whole Lumix NX camera line, through an interactive experience showcasing the benefits of a mirrorless system.

Consumers were able to capture images with the NX300 as slot cars raced around a track, recreate the celebrity-studded most re-tweeted image of all time with Samsung’s NX Mini, and view images of the Times Square vista atop the Skydeck.

Most importantly, consumers who turned out to trade up for an NX30 were expected to bring in a DSLR in working condition without any significant damage beyond normal signs of wear and tear.

People who showed up without an eligible DSLR to trade in were given the opportunity to receive a $50 discount on an NX30 purchase.

As for all the DSLRs collected through the effort, Gazzola said the trade-ins would be turned over to a responsible electronics recycling partner.