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Lycos Enters Wearables

Boston — Lycos today announced its entry into the wearables category with Lycos Life, a line of products the company called “a single point of entry into users’ digital lives.”

The first two devices, a smart wristband and a smart ring, combine the monitoring of key biometrics with hands-free smartphone control using the Lycos Life app.

Both devices allow users to automatically monitor their activity, sleep, heart rate, incoming calls, messaging and other notifications from their phones.

The activity tracker monitors steps, calories burned, speed and heart rate. It also includes a heart-rate monitor and live EKG/ECG readout.

The app intelligently senses individuals’ everyday patterns and transfers the information securely to a wearer’s phone via Bluetooth and a proprietary Tap to Transfer (T2T) communication protocol.

In time, each device will be able to identify its wearer by using onboard sensors to recognize the user simply by the way he moves, eliminating the need for passwords for favorite apps or websites via the Lycos Life security manager.

The app also allows for secure mobile payments.

Collaboration between Lycos Life devices is enabled by T2T communication, which allows users to share data such as a phone number, address or directions with one tap.

“We have been living and learning the Internet for the past 20 years; now the Internet is starting to learn us,” said Suresh Reddy, chairman and CEO of Lycos. “Originally, what Lycos set out to solve was simplifying and making searching on the Internet more productive. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, Lycos is solving a new problem by simplifying your digital life.”

The smart wristband will retail for $124 and the ring for $59.99. Both will be available in six different colors.

  In tandem with the launch, Lycos will launch the Lycos Life Project, a not-for-profit foundation. The Life Project is a global humanitarian initiative that uses sensor and wireless communication technology to provide people throughout the world with access to critical, life-saving environmental information. Families will be given the power to instantly test the quality of water and air in their homes and communities with small portable sensors, provided to them for free. 

Five percent of Lycos Life sales will be donated to this global project.