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LG’s QuadWash Will Bring NYC Its 1st Waterpark At Citi Summer Streets

LG Electronics USA does things in a big way.

Case in point: the company’s new QuadWash dishwasher platform, which doubles up on the category’s traditional two-spray-arm design.

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But the bigger-is-better approach also applies to LG’s marketing efforts. Under the aegis of marketing VP Dave VanderWaal, the vendor has:

*employed giant laundry puppets in Times Square to tout its Twin Wash washer;

*earned a Guinness World Record by stacking 11 feet of playing cards atop a running Centum washer;

*filled a section of the Phoenix Convention Center with interactive games during the NCAA Men’s Final Four to spotlight its TVs and appliances; and

*transformed its InstaView refrigerators into musical instruments within the Oculus shopping mall at Manhattan’s Freedom Tower while dancers disguised as passersby surprised commuters and shoppers.

Now, forearmed with the four-armed QuadWash, LG will be taking it to the streets of New York again this weekend by creating the city’s first-ever waterpark, modeled after its latest dishwasher.

Two-and-a-half tennis courts in size, the impromptu water attraction will feature giant spray arms, people-sized dinner plates and colossal waterslide spoons, plus social media contests for “fast-pass” bracelets and a chance to win a QuadWash.

Trainers will also be on hand to demo the dishwasher, and the event will be livestreamed for those who prefer their clothing dry.

LG’s QuadWash Waterpark will be soaking spectators at Park Avenue and East 72nd Street on the first three Saturdays in August (Aug. 5, 12 and 19). The installation is part of New York’s Citi Summer Streets program, which will close a seven-mile stretch of Park Avenue to traffic and open it up to pedestrians and sponsored street activities.

LG said the QuadWash was developed to spare consumers from double dishwashing duty.

“Our research shows that many consumers pre-wash their dishes or re-wash their dishes by hand after they’ve been run through the dishwasher — wasting valuable time, water and energy,” VanderWaal noted.

LG’s new design tackles the problem with an extra pair of spray arms that rotate back and forth while spinning to reach dishes, glassware, flatware and cookware with high-pressure jets “from just about every angle,” the company said.