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BACtrack Offers Keychain Breathalyzer

San Francsico — BACtrack today unveiled its second Breathalyzer that works with smartphones or tablets, the BACtrack Vio.

The new model sports a compact keychain design with Bluetooth Smart connectivity and proprietary MicroCheck sensor technology to estimate blood alcohol content (BAC) levels in seconds via an updated version of a free companion app.

It ships with three reusable, washable mouthpieces and runs on a single AAA battery.

The Vio’s flip-up mouthpiece was designed to collect a high-quality breath sample that is not tainted by ambient air, fumes and other airborne gases, the company said.

The newly updated BACtrack app compares and charts results and allows users to guess their BAC before testing. Its ZeroLine feature provides an estimate of how long it will take a user’s BAC to return to 0.0 percent based on their last test results.

Users can save results, view their history on a tracking graph, attach pictures and notes, and designate drink types and locations to specific readings.

A user’s BAC results remain private but can be shared via text message or to social media if desired.

The new app is available for iOS devices today from Apple’s App Store. An Android version will become available around July 30 on Google Play.

The BACtrack Vio has a retail price of $49.99 and will roll out to Best Buy stores later this month. Online purchases can be made at as well as and