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Resonado Labs Enters Smart Speaker Market With GGEC Partnership

The partnership will allow Resonado Labs to further expand into the home audio integration space

Innovative audio company Resonado Labs has announced their licensing partnership with GGEC (GuoGuang Electric Company). This partnership will allow Resonado to enter the smart speaker and television tranducer market, which will further advance the company into into the home audio integration space.

Resonado’s flagship technology, Res-Core, will now be available for GGEC’s use as they manufacture advanced transducers and acoustic products for smart speaker and multimedia related systems. A novel take on the conventional loudspeaker with a proprietary motor, Resonado’s transducer technology was engineered to deliver high-performance audio in compact form factors. With the technology and design innovations behind Resonado’s patented speaker drivers, Resonado has radically altered the future of audio, creating new possibilities and dimensions for speaker designs, meaning consumers no longer have to accept the trade-off between form and function regarding sound quality.

Resonado’s partnership with GGEC is a strategic maneuver, as their business ventures mirror each other’s excellence and quality of work in the audio space. GGEC is a known leader in the audio
world, as it is one of the most technically advanced transducer and acoustic module developers. GGEC is a prominent manufacturer of speaker drivers and audio systems for leading technology
companies. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2005, their partnership is influential in the audio-focused world.

“We’re thrilled to be able to utilize and develop cutting edge transducers alongside Resonado to further enable our customers to build and release the most cutting edge consumer electronics
products. This technology is going to enable the long-sought convergence of acoustic performance and product form factor, something everyone is looking for” says Winger Zhang, CEO of GGEC America.

“Uniting with GGEC is a major step for Resonado. With GGEC we have a partner who will help us bring our technology to market and further our mission of improving the way consumers hear and experience audio. Our high standards for engineering and development are matched by GGEC in a way that will improve our ability to continually innovate,” says Chuck Lukezic, President of
Resonado Labs.


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