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PadMate Showcases PaMu Slide Earbuds

PadMate is featuring their PaMu Slide earbuds at CES 2020 that have an Apple Airpod-like design.

PadMate’s PaMu Slide earbuds in green casing.

BOOTH 44134 PadMate is at CES 2020 featuring the PaMu Slide earbuds. House in a case that looks like a mini speaker, the earbuds now have an Apple Airpods-like design (only slightly bulkier with a shorter stem, as one reviewer observed); the case includes a USB cable, an instruction manual and a selection of bud covers of different sizes. The charging case for the + version doubles as a phone powerbank-place a paired phone on its base and in no time you’re back at full power for 10.5 hours before another charge is necessary. A full charge takes less than an hour.

Connect to your device via Bluetooth and you’re in business. The buds charge individually in the case, with their progress indicated by LED lights. Place the buds in your ears, tap the button located on the side and start the music. Different control options are available on the buds.

The buds charge individually in the case, with tiny LED lights showing their status. Once removed and placed into your ears, tap the button on the side of one of the buds and you’re ready to play music. Each bud has different control options. Tap the left one once to play or pause, and twice to activate the voice assistant. When paired with a phone, one click answers a call. To decrease volume, a long press on the left touch button does the job, whereas the same move on the right increases the volume. Double-click the right bud to skip a track.

Availability and pricing will be announced at the show.