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Austere Helps Retail Partners Power Through COVID-19 Crisis With Training, Support And Drop-Shipping

Cleaning accessories, 8K HDMI 2.1 cables and power bars continue to see great sell-through rates

CE retailers know how difficult it can be today to provide customers with the accessories they need for their purchases, especially with Amazon and other online suppliers taking longer to deliver. Austere, a manufacturer of upscale power and tech accessories is taking steps to help provide the support their retail partners need to continue to supply the best options to their customers.

“If there was ever a time where thinking outside of the box and trying to do things a little differently for our retail partners was needed, it’s now,” Deena Ghazarian, Austere Founder and CEO told TWICE in a recent interview. “We have reconfigured our entire training program, we’ve been doing webinars every week for certain retailers to motivate smaller pockets of stores – which are resulting in some of the best sell-throughs we’ve ever had.”

“Supply hasn’t been the challenge, it’s been logistics,” continued Ghazarian when asked how Amazon shipping restrictions have affected Austere partners. “Does it matter where it ships from? No. If we as a manufacturer need to drop ship to support you, we’ll figure it out together on how to move it forward. Get the sale, help the customer, give the customer what they need. These are the kind of things we’re thinking about to keep you [retailers] alive.”

Launched in 2019, Austere recently added high-performance power products to its cables and clean lineup, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. “Working from home has changed the game. Our products support the work at home environment, plus, if you’re setting it up and doing it yourself, like most are, you might as well have something that actually looks good as well as functions the way you need it to,” quipped Ghazarian.

“At Austere, we’re equally passionate about performance and style and there’s a tremendous need in the accessories market, particularly around power, which has lacked innovation. While technology has evolved at an amazing rate, power supplies have not. The Austere team worked hard to develop a power product that equips consumers with multiple charging options for the home, housed in a sleek design so consumers don’t feel the need to hide it. Before our Power series, these features simply did not exist in a single product.”

Austere products are available at, as well as at select retailers including Amazon, BrandsMart USA, Abt Electronics, Conn’s HomePlus, Crutchfield and PC Richard & Son.

For more information on becoming a retail partner, you can contact Austere here.

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