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2017 TWICE VIP Award Winner, Microwaves: LG NeoChef Microwave

AThe LG NeoChef Microwave uses smart inverter technology for precise, even heating along with advanced sensor cooking to provide easy cooking with unmatched style and capacity. The LG Smart Inverter produces precise, variable power (between 300 to 1200 watts) for more even cooking and better defrosting, unlike ordinary microwaves, which alternate between full and no power. The result: evenly heated food with better preserved nutrients and flavor (no more cold centers or overcooked edges). Plus, its precise heating can be used for melting ingredients, proofing dough and more. The EasyClean interior with Anti-Bacterial Coating is engineered to resist buildup. Simply wipe with a damp cloth — no chemicals — to clean twice as fast and with half the effort. The NeoChef features a sleek, unified tempered glass front with a refined matte exterior. The energy-efficient interior LED lamps (three times brighter than conventional models) allow for easy monitoring of the cooking process, while its hexagonal-shaped stabilizer ring provide six wheels for the turntable (vs. three), so tall or heavy items can be placed anywhere without spillage. The humidity-sensing technology determines when food is cooked and automatically turns off the microwave to help prevent over-or under-cooking.