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TiVo Reports Higher Sales, Best Buy Deal

Alviso, Calif. – TiVo reported higher net revenues but a higher
net loss in its fiscal first quarter, ended April 30.

Net revenues were $61.4 million, up from the prior year’s $55.1
million. But the net loss was $14.2 million, up year on year from $3.9 million.

In a prepared statement Tom Rogers, president/CEO of TiVo,
commented, “This quarter we continued to aggressively drive our long-term
growth initiatives in the U.S. and internationally through strategic
partnerships that further distinguish TiVo as a leader in advanced television
solutions and bring the TiVo experience into more homes though new distribution

TiVo’s newest strategic alliance is with Best Buy’s Insignia
brand to integrate TiVo’s software and advanced television services into
broadband-connected Insignia televisions, Rogers said.

“The new Insignia televisions will provide Best Buy customers
with an exceptional, intuitive user experience for accessing online content by
utilizing our latest non-DVR software, giving the viewer a one-stop-shop for
delivering and searching content right on the television,” he noted.