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Best Buy Will Recycle Your Mailed-In Electronics For You

The company announced the new program to be in line with its goal to operate with net-zero emissions by 2040

(image credit: Best Buy)

Best Buy has announced that they are joining the likes of HP, Apple, Office Depot, and other companies by offering a mail-in electronics recycling program. With rising rates of e-waste looming in the public’s mind, the retailer is now offering prepaid shipping boxes for purchase that customers can fill with their old tech and gadgets and mail in to be recycled.

A small box will set you back $23, while a medium box that holds 15 lbs of unwanted electronics is sold for $30. This new mail-in program sits comfortably between Best Buy’s in-store recycling option and their $200-per-trip Best Buy Haul Away program.

This new service, which Best Buy claims is carbon neutral (the company has announced their intention to be operating with net-zero emissions by 2040), will see your items either repaired or recycled. While the company claims that any and all user data will be destroyed, they recommend that any customers wipe their devices of data before mailing them in.

The mail-in recycling program is available now to consumers. For a complete list of accepted devices, see Best Buy’s website.

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