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Omega: Door-Trigger Sensor Simplifies Car-Security Installs

Douglasville, Ga. – Omega Research and Development Technologies is offering its first door-trigger sensor with five normally closed trigger inputs to simplify car-security installations in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles with complex door-trigger systems.

One $49-suggested AU-NCT sensor can monitor all four doors and the rear hatch without cutting a factory wire in the vehicles, Omega said. With the AU-NCT, installers don’t have to cut factory wires to add diodes and resistors to enable door triggering in the vehicles, Omega added.

The AU-NCT also simplifies installations in vehicles with normally closed door, trunk, and hood circuits, and it can be used for such additional security options as triggering an alarm if a circuit is broken by the removal of a tool box from an open truck bed, a spare tire from an exterior tire carrier, or a trailer from its tow vehicle, Omega said.

“If we can get a wire through or around any object, we can trigger the alarm if this object is removed by cutting or disconnecting this wire,” said Shawn Cooper with Omega tech support.

Omega is owned by Voxx.