Lensbaby Ships Scout Fisheye Lens


Portland, Ore. -


said Tuesday it is now selling its Scout with Fisheye manual focus fisheye SLR camera lens available in mounts for all popular SLR camera bodies.

Scout is the first Lensbaby lens that does not bend, allowing a fisheye optic with an ultra-wide 12mm focal length capable of capturing a 160-degree angle of view from infinity down to 0.5-inch from the front of the lens.


The Scout with Fisheye carries a $250 suggested retail and is available through select specialty photo stores and from



The fisheye optic creates unique flare effects in an image.

"The Scout is for adventurous photographers wanting an easy to use fisheye lens combined with the creative freedom of the Lensbaby Optic Swap System," stated Craig Strong, Lensbaby president and co-founder.  "We chose to combine the straight-shooting, non-bending Scout with our 12mm fisheye optic so that Lensbaby users could have a simple, affordable and fun way to play with the fisheye's creative flare and eye-opening close focus."

Due to the extremely wide angle of view of the fisheye optic, full frame cameras will generally produce a black circle around most of the image, while APS-sized sensor cameras will produce black at the corners of the image.

Scout is said to situate the fisheye image in the center of the frame.

The fisheye optic features a creative lens flare effect that causes the edge areas that would ordinarily be black to glow with color whenever there are bright light sources in the image, Lensbaby said.

This lens flare effect is particularly apparent when shooting with a full frame camera though it is also noticeable when shooting with APS-sized sensors.

The ability to focus 0.5-inch in front of the lens provides an unusual macro photo effect. For example, a flower appears close enough to touch while the entire garden surrounds it in the frame.

The fisheye optics include six multi-coated glass elements and a precision, aluminum body.

The lens includes a smooth manual focus, and the Scout with fisheye ships with the fisheye optic installed.

Photographers can also use other Lensbaby Optic Swap System optics such as soft focus, pinhole/zone plate, double glass, single glass and plastic.

With Lensbaby's selective focus optics (double glass, single glass and plastic), the sweet spot of focus will always be centered in the photo. 

All Lensbaby Optic Swap System optics can be swapped in and out of Lensbaby lenses, affording a wide range of creative effects.

Optics can be simply popped out using an optic changing tool and replaced with a different optic.

Scout lenses are available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera lenses.


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