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Intel Focusing On Mobile Market

New York – Intel expects consumer sales of notebook computers to grow in importance with sales comprising about 30 percent of the consumer computer market by 2004.

Anne Lewnes, Intel’s vice president of consumer marketing, said notebook sales increased 30 percent between 200 and 2001 and should outsell desktop PC by a two-to-one margin this year. Lewnes made these comments at Intel’s Mobile Pentium 4 launch that kicked off here today. The three mobile processors introduced, which feature speeds of 1.4GHZ, 1.5GHz and 1.8GHz, are one of the enabling forces behind this anticipated increase in sales, she said. These chips will enable notebooks to better operate in a wireless network environment and deliver improved graphics and gaming experiences.

‘Last year we saw a 71 percent growth in wireless networks on college campuses and we expect the SoHo and home wireless market to double next year,’ Lewnes said.

Don McDonald, director of marketing for Intel’s mobile platform group, said wireless will be the catalyst for the next state of growth for the notebook market.

Intel’s is dramatically increasing its marketing efforts for the mobile chip market with the introduction of its first TV commercial dedicated to these processors and a large consumer awareness campaign that started in New York City with the company holding events in nine Manhattan locations. This will culminate in a free concert on April 23 by the Bare Naked Ladies in Bryant Park in New York City.