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How Much Tech Does Amazon Actually Sell?

It’s no surprise that Amazon is king of the jungle when it comes to selling electronics online, as this report details.

But exactly how vast is its “endless-aisle” assortment? In a word, staggering.

According to market research consultancy 360pi, which tracks brands, products and prices online, Amazon offered 31,604,887 electronics-category products and 82,039,731 cellphones and related accessories as of May 2016.

And that’s excluding product variants.

But in addition to Amazon’s own inventory, the count also includes listings by third-party sellers — a force multiplier that swells the assortment 30-fold across all product categories, the research firm found.

The cellphone segment’s 82 million-plus listings make it Amazon’s largest category by selection, followed by home/kitchen; clothing/shoes/jewelry; and, in fourth place, electronics.

Farther down the ranking is computers, with 19,274,057 listings, while appliances — a category that’s proven relatively resistant to Amazon’s charms — numbers 936,213 products.

All told, Amazon’s own across-the-board offerings number 12,231,203 products, excluding books, media, wine and service. Add in third-party Marketplace listings and the count mushrooms to a grand total of 353,710,754 items.

Indeed, in a recent earnings release Amazon founder, chairman, president and CEO Jeff Bezos said the Marketplace accounts for 50 percent of all unit sales globally, and described it as one of the company’s “three pillars of business.”

Interestingly, Amazon’s fourth-largest Marketplace seller by product selection is a computer/accessories resource, Rock Bull, with 2,358,407 listings, while No. 10 is electronics seller Chang Sha Xin Yi, with 2,040,204 items.

Observed 360pi marketing VP Jenn Markey, “Even Amazon is moving beyond just price to compete and win with shoppers.”