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e-Reader Owners Pleased: NPD

Port Washington,
N.Y. – E-reader owners are
overwhelmingly happy with their devices; however, they are quick to point out
deficiencies with the new devices, according to The NPD Group.

NPD’s recent study, “E-reader Owners: Attitudes and Usage,” found
93 percent of e-reader owners were very satisfied with their purchase, with
just 2 percent expressing any level of dissatisfaction.

The owners said their favorite features were wireless
connectivity, 60 percent, and touchscreens, 23 percent.

Despite this very high level of satisfaction, a high percentage
of consumers still want more from their e-reader. This includes a color screen,
39 percent; more book titles, 42 percent; and longer battery life, 34 percent.

Another fact the study uncovered was that 30 percent of e-reader
owners also used another device for reading e-books, including PCs and