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iPhone Sales Up As iPads, iPods Slide

Cupertino, Calif. – iPhone sales in Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter rose 16 percent in units and 21 percent in dollars, but iPhone growth rates slipped for the full 2014 fiscal year, Apple’s financial reports show.

Meantime, iPad and iPod sales dropped in the quarter and year in both units and dollars. For the iPad, 2014 marked the product’s first unit and dollar decline.

For the fiscal fourth quarter ending in September, iPhone unit sales surged 16 percent to 39.3 million units, and dollar sales rose 21 percent to $23.7 billion. Unit growth was lower than the year-ago 26 percent gain, but dollar growth was higher than the year-ago 17 percent.

For fiscal 2014, iPhone unit sales were up 12.6 percent to 169.2 million, and dollar sales were up 11.8 percent to $102 billion.

Full-year iPhone performance compares to fiscal 2013’s unit gain of 20 percent to 150.3 million and dollar gain of 16 percent to $91.3 billion. Sales growth in 2013 slowed from fiscal 2012, when iPhone sales rose 73 percent in units to 125.1 million and by 71 percent in dollars to $78.7 billion.

In this year’s fourth quarter, iPad sales fell for the third consecutive quarter, with units off 13 percent to 12.3 million and dollars off 14 percent to $5.32 billion. For the full fiscal year, iPad units were off 4 percent to 68 million, and dollars were off 5.3 percent to $30.3 billion.

In contrast, iPad units and dollars were up in 2013 and 2012. In 2013, iPad sales grew 22 percent in units to 71 million and 3 percent dollar gain to $32 billion. In 2012, iPad growth was higher at 80 percent in units to 58.3 million and 61 percent in dollars to $30.9 billion.

Analysts attributed iPad sales declines to growing competition from lower priced Android alternatives, a maturing tablet market, and growing demand in the Far East and developing countries for big-screen phablets, which incorporate cellphone calling and make it unnecessary to purchase both a phone and a tablet.

For the fourth quarter and full fiscal year, iPod sales continued to fall. Unit sales in the quarter fell 24 percent to 2.64 million on a dollar decline of 28 percent to $410 million. For the full fiscal year, units were off 45.5 percent to 14.4 million, and dollars were off 48.2 percent to $2.29 billion.

iPod unit and dollar sales also fell in 2013 and 2012. In 2013, iPod unit sales fell 25 percent to 26.4 million, and dollar sales fell 21 percent to $4.41 billion. In fiscal 2012, iPod sales fell 17 percent in units to 35.2 million and by 25 percent in dollars to $5.62 billion.