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Ship Free Or Die

Apologies to our Granite State friends for modifying your motto, but it succinctly captures the state of e-commerce in Q4 2014.

What brings this to mind is last week’s announcement by Target that free shipping is now standard on all online orders through Dec. 20 as part of its go-to-market holiday strategy.

RadioShack too has entered the fray by offering to ship out-of-stock items directly to customers from a different store at no charge.

The moves, though temporary, raise the bar for all online merchants, and reinforce the notion that some manner of free-shipping has become the price of admission in e-tail.

 Indeed, inspired by Target’s sweeping holiday offer, a reader, Kyle James, founder/principal of coupon and personal finance website, compiled a list of 45 online stores (and growing) that will ship all your gifts gratis with no purchase minimum.

“My plan,” he said, “is to make it the go-to resource for shoppers looking for free shipping this holiday season and I will keep it updated as I discover new online retailers to add.”

No doubt he will.