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Brax, Helix Getting New Components


Rockford is expanding its selection
of Brax-brand autosound components and replacing
two Helix-brand component speaker systems.

Brax is positioned as a luxury brand of amplifiers
and speakers, and the company likens Helix’s series
of amps and speakers to a lower-priced series in the
BMW line of cars.

In late 2010, Rockford acquired the
exclusive North American distribution
rights to the brands, which are owned
by Audiotec Fischer of Germany.

The new products will be shown
later this month at the KnowledgeFest
convention hosted by the Mobile Electronics
Retailers Association (MERA).
They’re targeted to ship in October.

In the Brax line, the company is
adding a new amp series called Nox
and replacing its current MX series,
introduced at January’s International

The Nox series consist of the Nox 4 and Nox 4 DSP
four-channel amplifies at a suggested $2,999 and
$3,499, respectively, and the $4,500 MX4 four-channel
amp. A two-channel MX2 is also planned. The Nox
4 DSP will be the first DSP-equipped amplifier in the
Brax lineup.

The Nox models are lower-power versions of the
brand’s current MX series of amplifiers and use most
of the same MX technology.

The $2,999 Nox 4 is rated at 4×105 watts into 4
ohms, 4×180 into 2 ohms, and 2×380 bridged from
20Hz-20kHz with THD of less than 0.001 percent and
a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 102dB. It features
two line-level outputs to add subwoofers. The $3,499
Nox 4 DSP adds six-channel 56-bit DSP processor to
adjust equalization, time alignment and phase on the
four amplified channels and two line-level outputs.

In the MX series, Brax will replace the MX models
shown at CES with two new models that incorporate
a completely redesigned circuit layout to improve efficiency
and signal quality, a new power supply design,
and a realignment of the signal input/output section to
shorten signal paths and improve sound quality.

The new $4,500 four-channel MX4 and the twochannel
MX2, whose price wasn’t available, are designed
like their predecessors to
be pure amplifiers, lacking filters
and equalization features but offering
gain adjustments.

In Helix, the company is
launching the C62C two-way
component speaker system at
a suggested $999/pair and the
three-way C63C componentspeaker
system at $1,749/pair.
They’ll replace current models in
the brand’s Competition series
and add multiple enhancements,
including new long-fiber sisal
woofer cones with increased structural damping, the
company said.

Other new features and attributes include aluminum
die-cast woofer baskets, low crossover frequencies
for the tweeters, virtually compression-free conversion
of the amplifier power into sound pressure, and
crossover with tweeter-level adjustment and doublewoofer

Both are 4-ohm models with 6-inch woofers. The
two-way C62C delivers 150-watt RMS power handling
with 300-watt peaks, frequency response of
47Hz-25kHz, 91dB sensitivity and mounting depth of
only 0.26 inches.

The three-way C63C delivers 190-watt RMS power
handling with 380-watt peaks with the same frequency
response, sensitivity and mounting depth as the