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Motorola Intros Business Two-Way Radios

Schaumburg, Ill. — Motorola will ship a line of business-class two way radios to dealers this month.

The RDX series radios are housed in a water-resistant metal die-cast chassis. According to Motorola, they meet military 810 C, D, E, F and IP54/55 specifications and are resistant to shock, humidity, salt, fog, vibration, sand, dust, and high and low temperatures.

Motorola added several new features to its business radio line including reverse burst, which eliminates unwanted noise, a manager lock, power select, PL/DPL Defeat and two extra time-out timers.

The radios feature an audio output of 2,000 milliwatts, wind and speaker magnetic field reduction, and are 30 percent louder than the company’s previous models. The radios will work with customer programming software (CPS), which Motorola will provide as a free download for the units (an optional USB connector is also required).

Additional features include voice activation and 122 security codes.

The RDX models will be compatible with Motorola’s existing XTN series of business class two way radio accessories.

The RDU2020 operates in the UHF frequency band for up to 250,000 sq. feet of coverage over 20 floors. The RDV2020 operatives in the VHF band for up to 220,000 sq. feet of coverage over 13 floors.

The RDU2080d (UHF) and RDV2080d (VHF) add five programmable front buttons and eight channels.

The RDU4100 and RDV5100 will offer 10 channels. The RDU4000 features a maximum 4 watt UHF output for covering 350,000 sq. feet over 30 floors, while the 5 watt RDV5100 operates in the VHF frequency for covering 300,000 sq. feet over 18 floors.

Finally, the top line RDU4160d features 4 watt UHF operation, 16 channels, channel aliasing, and duplex repeater functionality.

Pricing was not announced.