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Photo Books Aid Brain Development?

If the success of the Baby Einstein DVDs has taught us anything, it’s that the way to a parent’s wallet is through appeals to the child’s brain. 

So it’s not surprising to see Picaboo, a photo-book-making Web site, trumpeting this American Psychological Association (APA) study that purports to show that children respond better to photographic images than illustrated representations. What better way to help your child get into that cutthroat preschool than to give him/her a photo book! 

Obviously, I’m thoroughly unqualified to comment on the science of such claims, but it’s certainly a new marketing hook.

In related photo book/child-rearing news, a new site was launched today: How Fast They Grow. The site is aimed at digital camera toting parents and lets them create individual 12-inch by 12-inch book pages. These pages can be ordered one at a time as opposed to all at once in a bound book, letting parents build their book over time. When they’re ready to bind, they can order scrapbook-style albums.