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Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

Seems in this day and age, many people have a voice.

The Internet makes all seem the same size, the same knowledge and the same influence. In our continuing effort to make sure we manage our brand and we deliver the appropriate message to our retail partners and consumers, we’re doing more to ensure the Sony message – from Sony – comes through loud and clear. 

Take the television business for example. While we have more experience in TV, in HD and in the industry in general, we have not spent much time making those statements. We have allowed our vision, our products and our work to speak for itself. But not this week… 

We placed an advertisement in TWICE magazine this week. Its intent is very clear. Tell the truth. Make our statement. Continue to add clarity to an ever-confusing arena. Make sure our dealers and our customers know we did something we don’t always do. We reminded them why we are still the leader in all things HD. The HDNA knowledge transfer message is real, and there is more to come from us. 

While many things have changed in our industry, this remains clear: Sony is still one of the consumer’s most trusted brands and our people continue to make a difference. Our experience is great and our perspective is rivaled by no one. As we move through a very difficult economic time, those attributes will continue to be the foundation that others can only dream about.