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The ‘P’ Word

Warning: The following rant has nothing at all to do with consumer electronics or appliances.

I’m mad at Donald Trump.

No, he never flunked me at his university, dealt me a bad hand at his casinos or sold me a lesser cut of steak.

No, my beef with him is his abrupt about-faces, perfected during the Republican primaries, when he’d take a position one day and change tone or direction the next.

Now before you get yourselves all in a pillory-Hillary uproar, let me be clear: This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the media.

That’s because every pundit from The Washington Post to The Paducah Sun has taken to using the “P” word to describe what The Donald, and more recently Hillary, has either done or needs to do.

You know the term I’m talking about; at this point it’s so overused and hopelessly hackneyed it pains me to even write it … pivot. There, I said it. Yuch.

For a while it looked like “walk it back” would be the euphemism of choice this election year, which would have been perfectly fine. Likewise, “turn around,” “change direction,” “alter course,” “spin,” “swivel,” “rotate,” “reverse,” “flip flop” or “do a 180” would all have sufficed when referencing a shift in a candidate’s vector.

But noooooo. Instead the talking heads have made “pivot” their pivotal action word, and now it looks like we’re stuck with it through November and quite possibly beyond, as it begins to spill into other walks of life.

At least they’re givingoptics” a rest.