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Full Of Grace

It’s a difficult time to be living in our world today if human traits like civility, respect and honest motivation are important to you.


A Transformative Emmy Awards

Over the last decade or so, the line between the technology world and the entertainment world has been blurring. Even CES has morphed into...


Music Industry Grooving On Vinyl

The unexpected revival of vinyl record sales is having a residual effect on the healthiness of local, independent record stores, and a music industry...


Pomp And Circumspection

So here’s my question: When is your son or daughter old enough for a cellphone? In the town I live in in New Jersey,...


A DIY Solution To Home Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless, radiation-filled gas that can seep into buildings from the surrounding soil through foundation cracks and openings and even...


Food For Thought

Chalk this one up to the “better living through technology” category. Last week, TellSpec CEO Isabel Hoffmann, leader of the company behind the world’s...