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MSC America Hosts Audiotec Fischer DSP Trainings

The Trainings are Held at the MSC America Mesa, Ariz. Facility for Authorized Dealers


MESA, Ariz. USA, Aug. 28, 2023 – MSC America (, North American distribution partner for BLAM, Brax, Helix, Match, Escort Radar, and Stinger Radar, is proud to announce its new Audiotec Fischer DSP Training for invited authorized dealers. To date, MSC has conducted 15 one-day trainings at its Mesa, Ariz. facility, with more scheduled in the coming weeks.

“The purpose of these in-person trainings is to educate authorized Audiotec Fischer dealers on how to properly and efficiently set up and tune cars using proprietary software,” explained Jason Digos, MSC America Vice President. “We try to do as much hands-on as possible so that our dealers are in the cars using the software and performing the tuning process. We use simulators to show different scenarios they may see on today’s modern OEM audio systems and how to correct them.”

(l-r) Nik Edmonds (MSC America); Matt Hipps (Sounds Good Mobile; Flagstaff, AZ); Kraig Kinnard (Sounds Good Mobile; Flagstaff, AZ); Robert Gonzales (Sunshades Tint and Sound; Austin TX); Art Ceballos (Audio by Art; San Antonio, TX); Jason Digos (MSC America); and Christian Herrera (NOLA Sound Solutions; New Orleans, LA) during a recent Audiotec Fischer DSP Training at MSC America’s Mesa, AZ facility.


The software utilized in the trainings is the Audiotec Fischer DSP PC Tool Software, plus two cars equipped with Helix or Match DSP systems and MSC’s own System Simulator.

Digos added that the dealers who participate in the trainings are impressed with the software and the results such proprietary DSP has on tuning a vehicle properly.

“MSC’s training was truly an eye-opening experience for Kraig (Kinnard) and me,” said Matt Hipps of Sounds Good Mobile in Flagstaff, Ariz. who attended the July 13 training along with Kinnard. “We were thrilled to dive deep into Audiotec Fisher products, discovering how to maximize its potential. The training provided us with a forward-looking perspective on the industry, preparing us for the upcoming changes. We loved every bit of it, and enjoyed further building strong and meaningful relationships with their team and the fellow participants that were there.”

Added Larry Penn, MSC America President, “Our training is unique and quite comprehensive, and everyone who attends learns something specific to their needs. We have seen that from when the trainings begin to when they end, the attendees grasp things they never really thought about before but quickly realize its importance, and are then excited to institute this new knowledge into their daily work immediately.”

Concluded Arturo Ceballos, owner of Audio by Art of San Antonio, Texas, who was also a member of the July 13 training. “The MSC training was fantastic, allowing us to freshen up and pick up new tricks. I’m very happy to be a part of the MSC community, and I thank them for these opportunities.”

For more information, please visit, call 480-372-2929 (USA) or 403-698-3695 (Canada), or email [email protected].

About MSC America

MSC is the North American Distribution Partner for premium European brands including Audiotec Fischer (Brax, Helix, Match), BLAM Audio, Escort Radar, Stinger Radar as well as Mobridge integration products from Australia. MSC specializes in specialty independent retailer support with a heavy focus on training and advanced product integration. MSC also operates a full‐service retail facility which acts as the proof‐of‐ concept basis for new product development, techniques, and the backbone of partner support.

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