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At CES 2023, LG product unveilings included two new soundbars, both of which support MQA. Designed to work in harmony with LG’s latest OLED TVs, the SC9 and SE6 models support MQA and TIDAL Connect, meaning TIDAL members can stream TIDAL Masters – at the highest quality – over Wi-Fi to the new LG soundbars. Selected existing soundbars are also MQA-capable via a software upgrade, these include high-end models such as the S95, S90 and S80 series released last year.

These latest MQA-compatible LG soundbars demonstrate the consumer electronics giant’s continuing commitment to hi-res audio, and its determination to offer incredible sound alongside the stunning images delivered by its TV screens.

Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, commented, “LG’s announcement reflects its commitment to providing exceptional entertainment experiences. The soundbar is an important lifestyle audio product for many consumers, so we’re delighted to continue our collaboration with LG and deliver superior audio to the home.”

Specialist analysts Futuresource valued the soundbar market at $7bn in 2022, accounting for 30% of home audio sales.

About MQA

MQA Ltd is a research, development and licensing company, whose mission is to achieve excellence in all aspects of audio entertainment: from sound recordings, to content streaming and broadcasting, through to consumer playback devices. The first product to market – Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) – is a breakthrough suite of technologies that delivers the original sound of the recording studio in a format that is small enough to stream. This award-winning technology is licensed by leading record labels, music services, broadcasters and hardware manufacturers worldwide. MQA Ltd is a UK-based private company. For more information, visit